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Add a Pop of Color to Your Garden

e Brown of On the Grow
Are you looking for an easy and inexpensive way to get some color in your garden this year? Try planting a flower garden from seeds.
Here in Texas, there are quite a few flowers that grow well from seeds and pretty much take care of themselves once they come up. Although I’m generally a transplant gal, I do find that there’s nothing quite so satisfying as watching a plant grow from seed. It truly is a spiritual experience and puts you in touch with the miracle that is nature. There’s something about seeing a tiny seed grow into something so much bigger that humbles you.
March – April is a great time to plant some flowers for spring, summer, and fall color. A few Texas favorites that should give any newbie a great experience are Zinnias, Cosmos, Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckias), Marigolds, Bachelor’s Buttons, Angelonias, and Milkweed.
If you have started, or are continuing, a garden journal, review it to see where you’d like to add a little easy color. If you’re starting from scratch, use your journal to plan your beds. What are your favorite colors? Note the height and width each plant will grow so that you know where to place them. Also note the bloom period, to try to get 2-3 types of flowers blooming from spring through fall.
A few of my favorite re-seeders from the list are Zinnias, Cosmos, and Milkweed. Basically, once you get these established you’ll never have to buy seed again because they will drop their own seeds and reward you season after season with more and more flowers. When they start to sprout this year, pay close attention to how the seedlings look, so when they start to grow again on their own, you recognize them and don’t mistake them for weeds. Add a picture or two of the seedlings in your journal.


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